Case Study: Tag, You’re it!

Comedy Central had fallen victim to their own successful programming. No longer were their most successful franchises at the time, The Daily Show and South Park, associated with them, and they were no longer at liberty to ask for that power relationship back. 

Though the brief stated not to change the logo, we felt it paramount to the success of their reinstating claim. They needed to be scalable and relevant on digital platforms as properties such as Funny or Die, were becoming more immediately known to a younger audience.

We also needed to create a branding system that could live with the content, not around it, and live with the shows as they continued to travel to other platforms and shared on social media. Like a joke itself, funny content gets passed around, it’s part of its core structure.

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Every network has a logo. But Comedy Central isn’t like every network. They have this powerful, autonomous tag that identifies, takes ownership, comments on, modifies, and creates content. It behaves differently. It’s interactive. It’s a bigger part of the network than a simple identifier. And it gives you the freedom to utilize it in new and interesting ways that will draw attention to every aspect of the channel.

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