Scope Overview & Timeline


Phase 1: Research & Creative Strategy

We’ll do a deep dive into Grist’s goals, study your competitive landscape and develop a creative strategy to inform our branding work.

November-December 2018


Phase 2: A New Brand Identity

Based on the visual and verbal strategy, we will begin to identify the key brand tools for Grist across all platforms. Whether it be the principles behind the logo, creation of custom font, a signature visual treatment (through photography, data visualization, quotes and/or editorial illustration), color theory  and/or behavior palette for motion, we will work with you to assess the usage of the core tools, how they help inform your ecosystem and will design the logo, website and video system with these principles in mind.

January-March 2019: core concepting

April-June 2019: design refinements and production


Phase 3: Digital Strategy and Design

We will create a digital channel strategy that identifies opportunities for cross-pollination of content and provide design templates for posts, blasts, and digital publications.

April-June 2019


Phase 4: Outreach Tools

We want to make all your brand materials fun, strong and provocative. Everything that goes out your door should have the stamp of your visual and verbal voice, from marketing materials to champagne labels.

July-August 2019


Phase 5: Brand Guidelines and Toolkit

It all comes home with a toolkit for your team. We love building toolkits that are friendly, and frankly, lacking hard rules, for as we know, from our constitution down, documents should be designed to be interpreted (and reinterpreted). As Grist grows and shifts, we feel the toolkit should still be able to provide your foundational principles.

August 2019