Our Process (or, how we’ll work with you)


Built into our presentations is a fair amount of context and background around everything we do so you know exactly how we arrive at our conclusions. We value working closely with good, smart clients. This means working collaboratively and transparently. It just makes the work better.

We typically work in 2-3 month sprints per phase. This gives us time to hunker down and do our best work for each phase, and then come to the surface and spend time reviewing, reworking and revising with you before we advance to the next. We would also want to allow enough time to socialize the tools with your team and see how they work in practice as every team is different.

Along the way, we will make sure build the right cadence for us to refine the work we do to to make sure it best addresses your feedback. And we’re happy to structure our check-ins and review process around your teams, formats and frequency preferences— bi-weekly, daily, video, chat, slack, you name it. We’ve had Shanghai to Amsterdam on a video chat at once— geography and time zones are really not an issue.