+ Push beyond ingredient brand conventions
+ Accommodate a range of X-category partnerships
+ Establish a unique and compelling identity

The idea of an ingredient brand, though not that old a concept, is rapidly shifting. As our relationship toward interacting with products, makers, inventors and even less tactile propositions moves ever further into a place of transparency, consumers want to know more about what, how, from where and with whom their products are made.

There’s a story about 3M’s most missed opportunity of not putting their logo on the tread of the Apollo mission space boot, and yet, it can also be viewed as a brilliant anecdotal story about their logo’s potential to be imprinted on the moon. The ways in which we identify, announce, and “mark” ourselves is in fast reinvention.

Physical fashion labels, such as the Prada red rubber tab and Martin Margiela’s stitches, numbers and blank labels have created new wearable signifiers. Even the Nike swoosh has replaced the company name on almost every item they make.

Considerations we would like to make for Modern Meadow are:

  • A mark, icon or symbol for your material brand
  • Associate with your partner brands in undiscovered ways
  • Signature sound and motion for your digital presence
 Examples for illustration only, not created by Work-Order

Examples for illustration only, not created by Work-Order

Nike swoosh