A New Content Ecosystem for Grist


Our mission will be to help reshape the Grist and The Fix @Grist by building audiences around solutions, equity and empowerment through branding, voice and the user journey.

Fueled by Grist’s proprietary journalism and editorial content, we want to help you build a smart and strategic content ecosystem for your website and across multiple digital platforms that underscore your mission and brand. To distribute powerful content to inspire action first and foremost requires that your content be seen and shared.

Our goals will be to:

  • Create a memorable brand mark for Grist that efficiently identifies your content across platforms

  • Create a sub brand for The Fix that ties back to Grist and answers to Grist’s core values

  • Build a website around the issues of climate, sustainability and social justice that not only inspires people to act, it also shows them how to make a difference

  • Create a cadence for videos, one of the most widely shared communication tools today, that is intrinsically Grist in design, motion, sound and tone.

  • Design an outreach program that introduces new audiences to Grist in undiscovered ways

  • Deliver a strategy for increased engagements with more content discovery and sharing

For the project scope, we would advocate for a no stone unturned approach to creating and aligning Grist’s visual, communications and user journeys. That said, we may have gotten carried away in our excitement and the possibilities for you, and we’d be more than happy to discuss and tailor the scope to your most pressing priorities working within a target budget.