Campaign Work

With our campaign work, we ensure to weave the visual and verbal brand identity into every decision.


Cadillac Visual Strategy

Our aim was to infuse the grid and colors of the Cadillac badge into their campaign DNA. The grid is to design as the frame is to a car. It is the backbone that holds together all of the pieces and creates a comprehensive story; it communicates strength, order and balance. The brand colors are a deep, rich version of primary, evocative of the colors in a Godard film. Saturating the page in a wash of lifestyle imagery focused on a single brand color brings intention and warmth to every scene. It also allows us to unfold a color story over time, from blue dawn to red dusk. Both the color ground the campaign work with intent, and imbue vitality and telegraph elegance into the brand.


The New York Times “Beyond Words”

By simply lifting 15 second clips from the wealth of New York Times video content, we empowered the brand to communicate the strength of their offering by teasing out their own material. This also allowed them to easily update the campaign in-house on a weekly basis.

Work-Order_NYT_XY_Campaign 05.jpg
Work-Order_NYT_BeyondWords_Campaign 03.jpg

The New York Times “X & Y” Campaign

Nimble, executable and highly version-able, X & Y was a simple way to demonstrate the breadth of stories and subjects in The New York Times video catalogue. The simple typographic and color design was meant to cut through the clutter of busy websites. Pulling straight from their content, we paired alliterative titles and made memorable juxtapositions.

Work-Order_NYT_XY_Campaign 04.jpg
Work-Order_NYT_XY_Campaign 07.jpg
Work-Order_NYT_XY_Campaign 02.jpg

National Comedy Center


The launch of The National Comedy Center needed their campaign to touch on a two main goals: they are a destination worth reaching (in an otherwise not well-traveled part of the country) and that they have the authority of a cultural institution celebrating comedy in all its forms. The launch campaign focused on famous faces and punchlines, witty tag lines, and regional jokes that pointed to Jamestown, NY as the destination.

NCC 01.gif
NCC_04 2.gif