A brand story as short film for Acura.




Acura wanted  their new tagline “Beyond the Machine” brought to life in their campaign work. Their simple brief was to make it feel technical.  




We quickly realized in order to bring meaning to “Beyond the Machine,” we needed to give them a whole new way to communicate the meaning behind the words and to turn the statement into a human proposition. “Beyond” comes back to the idea that Acura’s automobiles are developed to be more than machines– they are meant as an extension of our senses, to create a feeling, mood and synergy between the driver and the car.

We jettisoned the ubiquitous faux metal 3d tropes of car commercials and thought about what it means to bring man and machine together. Purity, simple information as light, feeling as sound. Pulses, flashes, information and data all rendered like synapses. They asked us for short animations, we composed a brand film that still influences their communications to this day.